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OpenText Trading Grid® Messaging Service

OpenText™ Trading Grid® Messaging Service enables you to exchange business documents electronically in secure, fast and reliable manner. Documents can be sent in both the latest XML standards as well as traditional EDI document standards. Trading Grid® Messaging Service can be then accessed via the Internet using a variety of communications options such as FTP and AS2.

Reliable, Secure, Any-to-Any Document Exchange Worldwide

  • Exchange EDI and XML Documents—Use EDI (ANSI X12, EDIFACT, TRADACOMS, EANCOM), proprietary formats (spreadsheets, SAP IDocs) and XML (RosettaNet, ebXML) standards.
  • Communications Options—Connect to our service using a variety of Internet-based and private networking communications options. Supported IP protocols include AS2, AS3, HTTP/S, FTP/SSL, SFTP and FTP over private IP. Private networking options include leased line, frame relay and MPLS options as well as industry networks such as ANX and ENX. A number of proprietary and regional connectivity protocols are also available such as MQ, OFTP and X.400.
  • Document Tracking and Analytics—Obtain real-time insight into your B2B transactions with Trading Grid Online — our web-based administrative portal. Register online, track the status of documents, analyze trends and obtain technical support. With our document tracking and analytics service you can quickly identify which transactions were sent and received, which may require your attention and your transaction volume by document type and trading partner. You can also set up alerts so you are notified when something unexpected happens or something you expected to happen didn’t. Find out more about our document tracking and analytics services.
  • Network of Business Partners—Gain access to the world’s largest e-business community. Tens of thousands of companies are connected to our network exchanging billions of dollars of transactions in the cloud annually. Chances are your customers or suppliers are already online with us.

Extend Your Business Partner Reach:

  • Shields You from Complexity—Trading Grid® mediates the technology and process differences between business partners, shielding the user from complexity and delivering value to 100 percent of the trading community.
  • Global Support—Obtain access to local support for both you and your business partners through local offices and employees. We offer direct support in numerous countries throughout Western Europe, Asia and the Americas. And in the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe, our  partners provide local support.
  • Consolidate Your VAN Traffic—Leverage your total transaction volume and maximize transaction discounts. We have seamlessly migrated thousands of users for our customers using our proven low/no-impact migration process.
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