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Get Your EDI Edge: New Book to Empower You and Your B2B Programs

“It takes a document sent by mail two weeks to reach [our] Canadian suppliers. An invoice transaction moving via EDI takes place in a matter of minutes.” Manager, Global EDI Communications, Automotive Manufacturer

Whether you’re new to EDI, need to get EDI-compliant or simply want to educate your business colleagues, EDI Basics provides an easy-to-understand explanation of the fundamental concepts. This book is written with the non-technical reader in mind, keeping the content simple and straight forward.

Get Your EDI Competitive Edge. Get your copy of EDI Basics. You’ll learn the basics (plus some!). And, you’ll be inspired to participate knowledgeably in conversations at your company about moving away from old, manual processes to automated solutions that help streamline your supply chain.

Learn the EDI Basics:

Learn the EDI Basics:

  • What is EDI?
  • How does it work?
  • Which business processes typically benefit from EDI?
  • What does it take for your company to get started?
  • How did three major-brand companies successfully implement EDI?
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