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Looking for GE Global eXchange Services? Global eXchange Services was spun off from GE as an independent entity in 2002. Shortly thereafter we changed our name to just GXS. Although we are proud to still have GE as a customer there is no relationship between us and our former parent company.

Since then the spinoff, GXS has grown via several mergers and acquisitions. We’ve also built many new products and services, which we encourage you to learn more about.

  • Trading Grid—Our cloud-based B2B integration platform.
  • Active Applications—SaaS applications for supply chain visibility, product catalogs and electronic invoicing.
  • Messaging Services—Our next generation EDI network that facilitates trillions of dollars in electronic commerce annually.
  • B2B Gateway Software—Behind the firewall translation servers and integration gateways for exchanging EDI or XML with business partners.
  • Managed Services—We will run your B2B integration program on your behalf using our cloud-based platform and our expert team of mappers, integrators and technical support.

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