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QRS EDI and Catalog Services


Are you looking for the QRS EDI or Catalog Services? Don’t leave. You are in the right place.

QRS got acquired by Inovis in 2004. And then GXS acquired Inovis in 2010. But many of the original QRS applications that you grew to know and love are still alive. In fact, we have spent millions to improve their performance, resilience and functionality over the past few years.

  • QRS Catalog—We call it OpenText Active Catalogue now. But it is more popular than ever with retailers and suppliers in the general merchandise, apparel, footwear and accessories space still use it. In fact, our catalogue now boasts over 150 million GTINs. Learn more about Active Catalogue.
  • QRS EDI Network—It is called InovisWorks now. And it is still widely used to exchange purchase orders, shipment notices and invoices between buyers and suppliers in the US retail industry.

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