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What are Your Initiatives?

Connecting electronically to your business partners is a critical requirement for achieving many of your company’s strategic priorities. If you cannot do business electronically, you may not be able to do business at all. That’s why many of our customers are making investments to optimize or expand their B2B integration programs. We have various solutions to support your business initiatives, including streamlining your supply chain or globally expanding your business, and your technology initiatives, such as starting a new B2B program or upgrading your existing B2B platform.

Technology Initiatives

New to EDI

Need help to get started doing business electronically? Regardless of the size of your company we can help you get connected to your customers and suppliers quickly and easily.


Over time, a B2B integration platform that performed like a champ can become old, sluggish, ineffective and very difficult to maintain. Discover how we can help you upgrade and modernize your B2B platform.

ERP Projects

Implementing or upgrading ERP systems like Oracle and SAP require tremendous internal resources. Let us help you make the updates to your B2B integration gateways that connect ERP to your customers and business partners.


Many multinational corporations are reducing costs and simplifying operations by consolidating multiple B2B gateways. Explore some of the key reasons and alternatives for streamlining your B2B operations for your company and your partners.

Business Initiatives

International Expansion

Many companies are expanding into emerging markets such as China, Brazil, India and Southeast Asia. But success in these developing markets requires understanding of the local e-commerce standards and customs. Learn how B2B integration can help you become easier to do business with in emerging markets.

Supply Chain Visibility

Knowing exactly where your merchandise and materials are in the supply chain can make the difference between meeting your customers’ commitments or not. We have solutions to help you track all of your orders or shipments through the supply chain.

Warehouse Automation

The ability to move inventory quickly through your distribution network requires that you know where it is, when it will arrive, and where it’s going next. Learn about how you can accelerate the flow of inventory through your supply chain to reduce safety stock.

Electronic Invoicing

Digitizing your accounts payable function will not only lower your costs, it also will create opportunities for competitive advantage with spend analysis and supply chain finance programs. GXS offers a variety of electronic invoicing solutions which meet the local regulations in countries around the world.

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