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SMB Onboarding

OpenText™ Core for Trading Grid™

Improve B2B transaction visibility and management by digitizing more of your partner community with a simple, drag-and-drop application.

Many companies have established a streamlined B2B program to digitally connect with their larger trading partners and clients, yet most are still receiving a significant amount of emails, faxes and paper documents that require time-consuming, error prone manual processing.

OpenText™ Core for Trading Grid is a community onboarding solution that enables a company’s trading partners and clients to use a secure folder-based application to send business documents to an OpenText™ B2B Managed Services user, just like any other transaction file. Core for Trading Grid gives both parties a streamlined process and better visibility into their transactions.

On-board your entire community and consolidate all business transactions from large enterprises down to your smallest trading partners into one central location by combining B2B Managed Services with Core for Trading Grid. Core for Trading Grid extends your digital reach and removes barriers of adoption for even your smallest community partners.

What is community onboarding?

A typical trading partner community contains a mix of large, medium and small businesses, with a broad spectrum of technical capability and capacity. You may already be electronically trading with your largest business partners. With large budgets and sophisticated technology, these are the easiest partners to connect to. However, without onboarding the small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that often make up about 80% of a community, you miss out on huge cost-savings. One of the keys to onboarding SMBs is offering them a solution that fits their individual needs and does not require them to learn new technologies or processes, regardless of size and sophistication level.

Core for Trading Grid overview

Core for Trading Grid delivers a unique community onboarding solution with an easy path for small to medium-sized businesses to trade electronically. The solution enables a company’s trading partners and clients to easily drag and drop purchase orders, payment files or other documents into a secure folder-based application. Those files then flow through OpenText™ Trading Grid and on to you in EDI, XML or any other desired format, just like any other transaction file. This gives both you and your partners a streamlined process, improved data quality and better visibility into those transactions.

Core for Trading Grid features and benefits

Quickly expand your digital community

Expand your reach and begin digital trading with your entire community regardless of size or sophistication level of the trading partner or clients. Get your community onboarded quickly by simply sending an email invitation within Core for Trading Grid to new partners.

Improve transaction security and visibility

Consolidate all your transactions within the security of OpenText Trading Grid, the largest community of trading partners. With all your business transactions in one trusted place, you will gain improved end-to-end visibility and streamlined operations management. The solution also provides your partners with access for multiple users, allowing different people with permissions to check the document exchange status.

Increase business process efficiency

Eliminate as much email, fax and paper as possible to keep your business running smoothly and your customers happy by automating time-consuming tasks, avoiding error-prone manual entry and identifying any errors early to ensure they are reprocessed quickly.

Ease digital adoption with user flexibility

Core for Trading Grid provides partners with familiar, non-technical processes and options to help them adopt the solution as part of their normal business process. Partners have the flexibility of choosing from several easy-to-use options to exchange files via web portal, desktop folder sync or mobile apps.

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