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Using our EDI (electronic data interchange) software and services you can exchange a wide variety of transactions with your business partners─from POs and ASNs to invoices and payment instructions. We support all the popular EDI standards including ANSI X.12 and EDIFACT and all the popular communications protocols such as AS2 and FTP. Whether you are just starting a new EDI program or upgrading your existing platform, we can help. Our portfolio of EDI software and services includes:

  • EDI Translation Software─We offer several EDI translators and mapping tools to convert messages from the data structures of your enterprise applications into the ANSI X.12 or EDIFACT standards. Learn more about TrustedLink translators for the Windows, Unix and AS/400 platforms.
  • EDI Value-Added Network (VAN)─Are you considering switching to a new EDI VAN service? We operate the largest EDI network in the world. Chances are your business partners are already connected. You can exchange ANSI X.12 and EDIFACT documents using AS2, FTP and other protocols and obtain real-time insight into your B2B transactions with document tracking, alerting, and analytics. Learn more about how we truly add value to our Value-Added Network.
  • EDI Outsourcing ─Are you looking for a service provider to run your EDI program for you? Over 600 companies have entrusted us to operate their B2B platforms on their behalf. We can develop your maps, onboard your business partners and answer technical support calls. Learn more about Managed Services for EDI.
  • Web EDI─Tired of receiving purchase orders and invoices via fax and email from your smaller suppliers or customers? Most small businesses lack the budget, resources and expertise to implement traditional EDI programs. Our Web EDI service is a low cost, easy-to-use alternative to EDI, designed specifically for small suppliers and customers. Learn more.
  • AS2 Internet EDI─Are your business partners asking you to exchange EDI transactions over the Internet? Over the past few years AS2 has become the most popular communications protocol for exchanging EDI, surpassing even FTP. You can exchange EDI over our network using AS2 or via a direct point-to-point connection. Learn more about AS2 services for Internet EDI.

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