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EasyLink EDI Managed Services

Note: EasyLink’s EDI Managed Services are no longer sold to new customers. If you aren’t a customer OpenText™ B2B Managed Services is the equivalent available today.

EasyLink EDI Managed Services serves as an extension of your people and processes by leveraging our world-class messaging infrastructure and staff to manage your entire EDI operation. Outsourcing EDI is a key decision and with EDI Managed Services, you’ll reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and be able to focus on what you do best — your core business.

  • EDI and B2B any-to-any translation/transformation services, no requirement to license or install any software
  • Mapping and production support
  • EDI Administration using dedicated Program Managers who provide EDI project management, and coordinate supplier setup, certification, compliance and production support
  • Production support tasks include:
    • Guaranteed document delivery
    • Monitoring of all scheduled and special run jobs
    • Monitoring of reports and errors generated during the translation process and working with your back-office system
    • Case creation, escalation, and resolution
    • Monitoring regularly scheduled reports
  • Trading community/partner management that includes:
    • Testing
    • Certification and communication
    • Document tracking
    • Data analysis and reporting
    • Customer support
    • Staff resources to cover tasks such as technical support, proactive communications, compliance updates, and compliance testing and validation

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