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Note: Easylink EDI Service Bureau is only available to existing Easylink customers. Are you a non-EDI vendor trying to deal with the EDI requirements of a retailer with which you need to do business? The EasyLink EDI Service Bureau offers a complete outsourced cloud messaging solution to conduct EDI-based business with the major retailers. You can begin exchanging documents with no hardware to buy, no software to install, and no prior knowledge of EDI required.

As long as you have an email address or a fax number, EasyLink can send and receive all the information you need to conduct business with today’s EDI-enabled retailers.

  • EDI-to-Fax/Email – EasyLink receives the retailer’s electronic formatted information, converts it into a fax-readable file, and routes that information to your fax machine or email account. This includes Purchase Orders (PO), PO changes, Payment Remittance Advices and other documents.
  • Fax/Email-to-EDI – When you’re ready to send your electronic formatted information to the retailer, EasyLink receives your information via fax or email, keys the data against your open order, and transmits it to your customer in a format that is consistent with their EDI specifications. Electronic documents include invoices, ship notices with bar coded case labels, and others
  • Labels, Tickets and Tags – EasyLink generates and prints UCC/EAN-128 case labels to support requirements for ship notices / manifests (ASNs). The printed labels are sent to you so you can apply them to the cartons that will be shipped to your customers. We can also generate and print U.P.C. stickers, price tickets, and hang tags
  • U.P.C. Catalog – EasyLink updates online U.P.C. catalogs for you. Once we receive your electronic or hard-copy product information, we generate the necessary EDI transaction and send it to your catalog service provider. Your product information is added, updated or deleted from the U.P.C. catalog

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