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EasyLink EDI VAN

Note: EasyLink’s EDI VAN is no longer sold to new customers. If you aren’t a customer Trading Grid Messaging Service is our equivalent solution available today. EasyLink’s EDI VAN enables you to connect with your trading community no matter where they are located and provides services that include Hosted Translation services, AS2, security, accounting and web administrative tools.

Our EDI VAN services help you to do business with the world as quickly, efficiently, and economically as possible.

  • Unlimited data format support: We support every EDI standard as well as proprietary standards, XML, flat files, financial standards, or just about any other file
  • AS2 (EDIINT): Our AS2 services allow you to trade with any partner that requires the use of AS2, without you having to invest in or manage an AS2 solution of your own
  • Mapping and Hosted Translation Services: With EasyLink’s TradeGateway, you are free from having to manage your own EDI Translator; saving you time and money
  • Flexible reporting: We provide reports in a variety of common file formats so you always know how your EDI VAN is performing and where the productivity of your trading community can be improved

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