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Note: TradeGateway is no longer sold to new customers. If you aren’t a customer Intelligent Web Forms is our equivalent solution. TradeGateway is EasyLink’s Web EDI Service, it allows EDI compliant companies to trade with smaller non-EDI enabled organizations via a standard web browser. With EasyLink Web EDI, companies are able to trade EDI bi-directionally with trading partners that they were previously unable to reach. OpenText accepts your EDI data and simply converts it into a format for display on a web browser. Your trading partner can log on, view the information, take action, and respond through TradeGateway. The data is then converted into an EDI-formatted message that you can process in your EDI application.

With TradeGateway, you and your team can manage interactions and transactions with your suppliers consistently and in a uniform and secure manner:

  • Simplify and unify the way you manage suppliers with a common, standardized, and consolidated tool (single access point)
  • Quickly enable new partners through self-registration
  • Reduce costs associated with manual processing of faxes and paper originated orders
  • Promote supplier participation with an easy-to-use solution
  • Increase supplier compliance with your requirements with our know-how in EDI
  • Communicate securely using EasyLink’s world-class global messaging infrastructure

As a browser-based solution customized with your company’s look and feel – and your own business logic – TradeGateway facilitates a more effective and efficient supply chain operation.

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