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EDI for Small Business

OpenText Freeway Cloud

Connect to larger buyers and vendors with an EDI solution designed for small to medium businesses with ease and affordability in mind.

The road to growth for small and medium-sized businesses can be difficult. When attracting customers and staying ahead of the competition, it is difficult to accommodate an increasing number of orders and the mandates of large B2B trading partners.

OpenText™ Freeway Cloud can quickly provide a business with a B2B ecommerce platform that enables EDI connectivity with its buyers and vendors. Recommended for most small to medium sized businesses, Freeway Cloud is an affordable EDI solution and easy to use, even without prior EDI knowledge.

Join the largest community of B2B trading partners with OpenText — the leader in B2B integration — and take advantage of our 24/7 technical support staff and a portfolio of solutions that encompasses all the likely B2B requirements in any business today, and any new requirements in the future.

What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents in a standard electronic format between business partners. The best EDI software and services replace paper-based exchange of business documents to one that is electronic, providing businesses with major benefits such as reduced cost, increased processing speed, reduced errors and improved relationships with business partners. Learn more about the basics of EDI »

Freeway EDI Solution Overview

Small to medium-sized businesses can get a simple, secure and affordable way to exchange and manage a wide variety of EDI transactions without requiring in-house EDI expertise or high levels of staffing. OpenText™ Freeway Cloud reduces the manual labor involved with paper transactions by switching to EDI transactions, such as EDI payments, electronic purchase orders, invoices and advanced shipping notices (ASNs), which is increasingly a requirement to continue trading with large buyers or vendors.

Freeway is one of the best B2B ecommerce platforms that has been enabling B2B connectivity for over 20 years. It offers flexible options to seamlessly scale your EDI capabilities to fit your needs from basic document exchange to fully automated business processes.

Freeway EDI Solution Features

Simple interfaces

Simple and easy-to-use interfaces enable new users to begin using Freeway quickly, without any prior knowledge or experience in EDI technology.

Freeway EDI Solution Features: Simple interfaces
Freeway EDI Solution Features: Increased visibility and error reporting

Increased visibility and error reporting

Smart alert functionality and interfaces with intuitive icons provide an at-a-glance status check of batches and documents.

Fast setup and onboarding

Get connected with pre-built maps and forms in less than an hour and have our migration team perform set-up, testing and training within a week, depending on complexity.

Powerful any-to-any connection

Electronically exchange any message type using the leading EDI standards such as ANSI, XML, EDIFACT, Tradacom and AS2, AS3 and communications protocols including IP, FTP, SFTP, with small and large trading partners.

Improved workflows

Further streamline workflows with cross-docking, drop-shipping and enhanced pick and pack capabilities to better manage and plan inventory, shipping and receiving processes.

Multi-user support

Share the workload and set-up a system of efficient supply chain processes. Freeway Cloud supports up to 10 users simultaneously.

The team at OpenText is very knowledgeable, approachable, and was very helpful during the setup and since in providing support. We also feel assured that due to its global reach and scale, OpenText will be there today, tomorrow and well into the future to support us.
Richard Nuttall, Senior Plant Manager, Nichirin U.K. Limited

Freeway EDI Solution Benefits

Easy and affordable connectivity

OpenText Freeway Cloud is a highly affordable solution to EDI connectivity with unbeatable functionality at volume-based pricing, without requiring in-house EDI expertise or high levels of staffing.

Become a preferred supplier

Large buyers and vendors increasingly prefer – or even mandate – EDI connectivity. Quickly meet their requirements and make it easy for them to work with you, thereby increasing your competitive advantage.

Improved customer service

Keep your business running smoothly and your retail partners happy by automating time-consuming tasks, avoiding error-prone manual entry, and by identifying any errors early and ensuring they are reprocessed quickly. Smart alert functionality further improves your status management.

Future-proof B2B communications

As your needs and technical sophistication changes, OpenText can remain at your side beyond Freeway Cloud with a portfolio of B2B solutions, from Value-Added Network (VAN) solutions all the way up to enterprise-level connectivity and intelligence with B2B Managed Services.

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