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OpenText AS4 Service

The AS4 communication protocol was introduced to the market in 2013 and is based on OASIS ebMS3.0, which provides a web services based method to exchange B2B transactions with trading partners. OpenText’s AS4 service has achieved certification with Drummond Group and supports the requirements of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG) profile. The European energy sector is one of the first industries to adopt AS4 as a standard method of communication between trading partners.

AS4 Communications, Delivered as a Service

OpenText’s AS4 solution is delivered via a hosted B2B Managed Services environment. The ability to offer AS4 support via a cloud based service provides greater flexibility for companies wishing to embrace web services across their B2B environment. The standard B2B web services profiles make it easier and safer to integrate internal services with external parties via web, cloud, mobile and partner channels. OpenText’s AS4 service offers:

  • Compliance with Drummond Group and supports the requirements of the ENTSOG profile
  • Delivered as a service, web services based protocol provides greater flexibility when deploying AS4 and scalability to support changing market or customer requirements
  • Taking a Managed Services approach allows OpenText to deploy and manage your AS4 requirements while you focus on other core activities relating to your business operations

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