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OpenText Global Vendor Portal

With today’s focus on speed-to-market and cost containment, companies continue to look for ways to streamline processes and reduce time-consuming and labor-intensive efforts. However, while buyers and suppliers strive to conduct business quickly and efficiently, many small- and medium-sized businesses still rely on cumbersome, paper-based methods for supply chain communications.

OpenText™ Global Vendor Portal (GVP) is an easy-to-use, cost effective solution for buyers to exchange business documents electronically with their small- and medium-sized suppliers. With the OpenText Global Vendor Portal, suppliers can eliminate manual rekeying and deliver the right information to buyers quickly and accurately, minimizing the cost associated with exchanging documents electronically.

From the buyer’s perspective, transactions from small- and medium-sized suppliers can appear just like the largest suppliers. Buyers send purchase orders (POs) and receive corresponding documents in electronic data interchange (EDI) format, while suppliers view POs and generate invoices, advance ship notices (ASNs) and other transactions via an intuitive and simple web-based interface.

  • Reduce errors and increase accuracy of B2B transactions
  • For buyers, enable small- and medium-sized partners to accelerate order-to-payment processes
  • For suppliers, comply customer requirements and match B2B capabilities with growth strategies
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