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E-Invoicing Compliance

Active Invoices with Compliance

For organizations who send or receive electronic invoices in several countries in different continents, OpenText™ Active Invoices with Compliance is a cloud-based eInvoicing compliance solution that provides digital signature, archiving, government reporting, and delivery capabilities in over 40 countries. Unlike point solutions, Active Invoices with Compliance is part of the OpenText Trading Grid, which has extensive capabilities in community management and onboarding, B2B integration, messaging and translation of all types of messages from one format to another.

In much of the world, sending and receiving electronic invoices (e-invoices) requires compliance with government regulations for tax reporting and increasingly, with government mandates for business to government (B2G) eInvoicing. These government regulations differ from country to country and maintaining compliance is a significant challenge for global businesses.

Active Invoices with Compliance (AIC) is a cloud-based e-invoicing compliance solution, which provides buying and selling organizations the technology and services needed for automating e-Invoicing compliance. Active Invoices with Compliance runs on OpenText™ Trading Grid, the world’s most powerful integration cloud for B2B e-commerce, to provide OpenText™ B2B Managed Services and Trading Grid Messaging Service customer a complete e-invoicing and compliance solution.



For customers you send PDF invoices via e-mail, Active Invoices with Compliance can fully auto-provision buyers with no human intervention for large scale deployments to SME customers. For EDI based partners OpenText™ Expert Onboarding has the largest team of specialists dedicated to rapidly enabling your global partner community.

Data Validation

Active Invoices with Compliance provides data validation rules to ensure data follows government requirements. Data validation is performed as per rules the relevant country for various types of documents. Several checks can be performed, including checking for duplicate invoices, currency checks, and an explicit relationship exists between the legal entities in the transaction.

Integrity and Authenticity

Digital signatures guarantee the e-invoice comes from the claimed source and that the e-invoice has not been altered. Active Invoices with Compliance support relevant formats and signature parameters for over 40 countries. Non-signed EDI is supported within the European Union through documentation and process-based guarantee of integrity and authenticity.

Archiving and Audit Support

Active Invoices with Compliance archives and provides audit access to the archives for the required period of time. Archived invoices will be deleted as their individual retention period ends. The archive supports searching, upload and download of invoice related documents and export of search results. When you move to AIC, we can import into our archive your historical invoice data.


Active Invoices with Compliance supports delivery of e-invoices from the seller to the buyer through legal means as define by each country. In addition, Active Invoices with Compliance supports delivery to tax authorities in more than 40 countries using mandated formats and protocols.

Product Overview

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