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Electronic Invoicing

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Many suppliers and buyers continue to send and receive thousands of paper invoices per year. Each paper invoice requires time-intensive, error-prone, manual processing. Consequently, many organizations are missing the opportunity to gain dramatic operational and strategic benefits through electronic invoice processing. But what if every invoice you received came directly into your accounts payable application with all the information you need to process it? Sounds like a dream, but we can help you make it a reality.

OpenText provides solutions to reduce paper, increase automation, and add compliance to invoice processes. Seamlessly process electronic invoices, as well as convert emails, faxes, and paper documents into electronic data with capture solutions to help centralize data and reduce the use of paper. For both buyers and sellers, OpenText can help accurately validate electronic data to reduce errors. For buyers specifically, we provide for efficient processing of inbound invoices to help increase automation.


Supplier/Buyer Enablement

We have onboarded hundreds of thousands of suppliers around the world. Let us do the heavy lifting to contact your business partners, educate them on the benefits, and hand-hold them through the implementation process. We employ our best practices to ensure you get maximum participation in your e-invoicing program.

Data Validation for Accuracy and Compliance

The data components required by law and the buyer are validated to be available in the electronic invoice. The invoice is validated as compliant with particular requirements, including certain regulatory tax requirements. For example, some European regulations may require a supplier invoice to contain a company tax summary, while US supplier invoices must contain a postal code in the “Ship From” and “Ship To” address fields.

Fax and Email to EDI Conversion for Non-Digital Trading Partners

For those suppliers not ready to switch to electronic invoicing, OpenText™ Fax2EDI and OpenText™ Email2EDI transform inbound, forms-based invoices into electronic data formats for input into business applications. The cloud-based service extracts data from an inbound fax or email and delivers that data in the format you require (including EDI) along with the original file.

Portal for Web Capable Partners

For smaller business partners, we offer a web-based portal that allows suppliers to create invoices online. There is no software to buy –just a browser and an internet connection.

Tax Compliance and B2G E-Invoicing

Do business in any country with a Value Added Tax (VAT) regime? We offer tax compliant e-invoicing in more than 40 countries. Digital signatures, invoice archiving, invoice validation─ it’s all included. Learn more about e-invoicing compliance here.

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