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Supply Chain Applications for Procure-to-Pay

For organizations with a large community of suppliers, OpenText provides cloud-based solutions for end- to -end transaction integration and 360° supply chain visibility with both digital and non-digital suppliers. Unlike manual integration and collaboration processes, our solution enables an automated and fully integrated Procure to Pay (P2P) process, allowing customers to collaborate efficiently with all their suppliers and ultimately improving business performance.

OpenText supply chain applications give you better visibility into the status of purchase orders, inventory locations and the timing of upcoming shipments. We can help you identify issues such as imperfect orders, late shipments, unmatched invoices and duplicate payments.

Improved visibility and exception notifications should enable you to resolve problems before they impact your customers. As all of our applications are in the cloud there are no upfront license fees, no lengthy implementation cycles and no painful upgrades.

Our P2P applications include:

Active Community
OpenText Active Community allows you to unify all of your supplier information in a single comprehensive directory and ensure that your data is secure, yet accessible, to authorized parties. You gain efficiency in your collaboration with partners with more accurate, up-to-date contact information and easy-to-use communications tools. Active Community can be configured to match your current onboarding procedures, workflow processes, and community initiatives. Learn more about Active Community.

Active Catalogue
OpenText Active Catalogue is the retail industry’s leading product data synchronization application, allowing marketers, manufacturers and suppliers to share their latest product information, such as price, style, color, size plus more than 600 product attributes and images with retailers. Active Catalogue offers a complete solution for item setup and synchronization, supporting the latest GS1 System global standards and initiatives. Learn more about Active Catalogue.

Active Orders
OpenText Active Orders provides buying organizations with the capabilities needed for digitizing and automating supply chain processes with small and medium-size suppliers that are not ready or able to implement traditional EDI or B2B integration. A component of the OpenText™ B2B Managed Services portfolio, Active Orders supports traditional order management, including planning and execution, shipping and receiving, and invoicing and payment processes. A simple, intuitive web portal provides access for non-electronic trading partners, thus enabling digital transactions for your entire trading partner community. When implemented with B2B Managed Services, Active Orders provides full visibility into supply chain transactions with both digital and non-digital suppliers. Learn more about Active Orders.

Active Invoices with Compliance
OpenText Active Invoices with Compliance is an eInvoicing compliance solution, which provides buying and selling organizations with the capabilities for automating e-Invoicing and compliance in over 45 countries. Compatible with OpenText B2B Managed Services, Active Invoices with Compliance supports data validation, digital signatures, archiving and delivery. A simple, intuitive web portal provides access for any employees and auditors who must access the archive. Learn more about Active Invoices with Compliance.

Active Intelligence
OpenText Active Intelligence is a deduction management solution, which supports the key components of a vendor compliance program, including identification and capture of compliance violations, internal reviews, supplier assessment and notification, dispute management, and final assessment and communication. The innovative mobile deduction capture capability simplifies capture of compliance using an iPad mini – significantly reducing time to record. Active Intelligence also provides historical reporting to spot compliance violation trends. Learn more about Active Intelligence.

B2B Managed Services
OpenText B2B Managed Services provides the most comprehensive technology for automating and streamlining your B2B e-commerce transactions, combined with the best people and processes for managing B2B programs on your behalf. B2B Managed Services empowers your organization with the capacity and marketplace advantage to focus on what it does best, while alleviating you of the costs, complexities and resource drains associated with running mission-critical B2B operations. Learn more about B2B Managed Services.

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