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Can you quickly identify how many EDI documents had processing errors over the past eight hours? Have you lost critical payment instructions or purchase orders over the past month? Are you missing deadlines for transmitting order acknowledgements or advance ship notices to your important customers? If so, Active Documents may be the pain reliever that can make those headaches go away.

OpenText™ Active Documents allows you to track the status of all the EDI and XML documents you exchange with your business partners. Each step the document takes in its lifecycle─mapping, encryption, delivery─ is recorded, so it eliminates the “black hole” often associated with B2B integration. You can search for a list of all orders, advance ship notices, invoices and payment instructions, and then pull up the end-to-end lifecycle of any specific document.

Best of all, non-technical people in your sales and customer service organization can use Active Documents. So you can eliminate the daily calls from business users asking you to research the whereabouts of a particular ASN.

  • Configurable Alerts─You can set alerts to be notified in real time about important events. For example, you can be notified when you receive a purchase order from your largest customer. Or be reminded when you are about to miss a deadline to send an ASN.
  • Research─Active Documents warehouses all of your EDI and XML transactions from the past several months. So you can run reports to identify all the invoices you transmitted last month. Or you can quickly calculate the dollar value of all outbound payments made via EDI.
  • Troubleshoot Problems─You can quickly identify all of the EDI and XML documents that had processing errors so that no orders, invoices or payments get lost in translation. Active Documents automatically reconciles what was sent with functional acknowledgements so that you know where to start.
  • Transaction Dashboard─Provides summary views of your historical transaction volumes: total activity, volume by document type and by trading partner. Analysis of these volumes provides useful insights to your progress in automating new business processes as well as identifying your trading partners with the highest or lowest transaction volumes. Learn more about analytics capabilities on the Trading Grid.

Active Documents and its features are an integral component of the OpenText™ B2B Managed Services and OpenText™ Trading Grid Messaging Service offering in Trading Grid Online.

Watch a brief overview of OpenText Active Documents features and capabilities.

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