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Vendor Compliance Management

Identifying and processing vendor compliance infractions can be a complex, manual process. The variety of business partner connections, data complexity, and frequency of change makes it nearly impossible for your company to capture every infraction. Many retailers identify and capture only 60% of possible infractions and are unable to work with vendors to fix recurring compliance violations.

Whether your organization calls them infractions, violations, chargebacks, deductions, expense offsets, or penalties, OpenText™ Active Intelligence for Vendor Compliance Management can help transform your vendor compliance management process. For retailers, increasing compliance and communication with vendors should be more important than expense offsets from penalties and OpenText can help you achieve this objective.

OpenText Active Intelligence provides an end-to-end solution to help accelerate every step of the process in your vendor compliance program. Also, by simplifying your program you have an opportunity to better communicate and collaborate with your vendors and to increase vendor compliance.

Identification of infractions
Reduce time to capture infractions with mobile capture, an iPad Mini-based mobile entry system

Internal review of subjective infractions
Ensure accuracy and consistency of infractions with an integrated workflow

Vendor assessment and notification
Notify vendors of costly data-based and shipping errors immediately. Apply deduction or expense offsets if your program includes them

Vendor opportunity to research and dispute
Improve communications and vendor relationships through more collaborative dispute management

Dispute review
Examine issues in a single place to better collaborate with vendors on disputes and improve their overall performance

Visibility for trends and reporting tools
Quickly identify problematic processes and vendors with the ability to research and drilldown using our dynamic visibility tools

Download the solution overview to learn more:

Demo Video
Vendor Compliance Mobile Capture, Optimized for Apple® iPad mini

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