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When you are tasked with finding the right B2B integration solutions for your company, you need access to information from a variety of well-known and respected resources. OpenText recognizes that research studies from industry experts can go a long way in helping you make the best decision. We are pleased to provide a number of research reports that address best practices, analyze trends, and offer recommendations for emerging technologies and future scenarios. This information will help you as you plan to meet your immediate business needs while keeping a keen eye to future requirements.

The B2B Integration Path: A roadmap for business value generation

OpenText commissioned SCM World to conduct research and document the results with the purpose of defining a B2B integration maturity model that:

  • Documents the value and ROI of maturing B2B programs
  • Enables organizations to assess their current maturity of B2B integration
  • Details specific steps an organization must take to mature their B2B integration

Download this report to learn how your organization can mature its B2B integration program.

Digital Procure-To-Pay: What is the Value Proposition?

Paper and manual processes are the norm in today’s supply chain. The dream is for procurement to be paperless and automated. It is not. Over the last decade, the dream was to automate procurement by making the processes hands-free. As will be seen in the results of this report, industry progress is slow. This does not have to be the case. Download this report to learn how procurement automation improves supply chain agility, reduces costs and improves cycle times.
Download this report for information to help your company achieve these results.

E-Invoicing / E-Billing: Entering a New Era

The use of E-Invoicing continues to grow as businesses respond to increasing customer demands, fast-evolving mandates, and an ongoing desire to improve supply chain operations. A significant cost savings is also a strong driver. Based on the latest report from Billentis, electronic and automated invoice processes can result in savings of 60-80% compared to traditional paper-based processing. Projects typically result in a payback period of six to eighteen months.
Download this report for information to help your company achieve these results.

How B2B Integration Drives Superior Global Supply Chain Performance

Increased globalization into markets like Mexico and Indonesia, combined with newer technologies such as cloud, mobile and big data, are driving transformation in the manufacturing supply chain. New global research by IDC Manufacturing Insights outlines the changing dynamics and provides recommendations. Download your own copy of this new research here. Also, view the IDC Manufacturing Insights infographic here.

Global Growing Pains: Tapping into B2B Integration Services to Overcome Global Expansion Challenge

Opportunities for expanding into new markets continue to increase for businesses of all sizes as technology for computing and communicating becomes more readily available. A recent survey by IDG Research explored the challenges and pain points companies face when growing globally. It also reviews the capabilities these companies are seeking in B2B integration partners. Download this report for a summary of key points to consider as you plan for growth beyond your borders.
Access your complimentary copy now to learn more.

New B2B Benchmark Study Reveals Importance of EDI to the Supply Chain

EDI Supply ChainEDI: Workhorse of the Value Chain; A Closer Look at B2B Connectivity Benchmarks in the Extended Supply Chain.

Get the hard facts from this new independent B2B study from Supply Chain Insights, focused on global best practices of EDI and XML solutions in procurement, logistics and finance. “In this study, we find that when companies successfully use EDI, there are REAL and meaningful business results. For example, when companies can achieve hands-free orders, order-to-shipment cycles decrease by 50%, there is greater accuracy in fulfillment, and business relationships improve.” For more, read the report.

Research Study from Stanford Global Supply Chain Management Forum

B2B Integration ResearchNew Developments in B2B Integration

Given the new developments in B2B integration technologies in recent years, and the growing interest in B2B managed services, the goal of this quantitative study was to gain insights as to the latest trends and business value associated with these technologies and services. Conducted by the Stanford Global Supply Chain Management Forum in collaboration with GXS. View Now.

PayStream Advisors, PayStream Technology Insight Report Series

Emergence of Electronic Invoicing

The new reports by PayStream Advisors, “Electronic Invoice Management: Going with the Workflow” and “Global Electronic Invoicing—the State of AP Automation Worldwide,” identify the emergence of electronic invoicing as an increasingly mainstream solution for B2B communications. View now.

How Unilever Ensures Product Availabilty at POS

One of the biggest competitive risks for a company operating in the consumer market is unavailability of its products at the point of sale. Read about Unilever’s B2B e-commerce platform implementation, and how it allowed them to issue orders faster, reduce human errors such as typos and provided easy integration with client systems.

SCM World Study: The Competitive Advantage of a Customer-Centric Supply Chain

“Enhancing Customer-Centric Supply Chains” by Dr. Martin Christopher, Emeritus Professor of Marketing and Logistics at Cranfield University, offers valuable insight into supply chains based upon the findings of this study. Companies who understand and prepare to adjust their supply chains from a customer perspective stand to gain a competitive advantage as the balance of power shifts from supplier to customer. Read Now.

ERP Projects Create Significant B2B Opportunities

Companies have been focused on B2B initiatives to support demand and supply collaboration. While there are still plenty of standalone B2B initiatives, ERP projects are often the catalyst for additional B2B activity. “ERP Projects Create Significant B2B Opportunities” discusses why the need for systems and processes to support an integrated global business and the importance of the relationship between ERP and B2B is so critical. Read Now.

Understanding Your Total Cost of Ownership for Managing B2B Operations

The B2B environment is complex, which makes determining the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) difficult. Your business must consider many factors and costs, including mapping, business partner implementations, change management, program management, disaster recovery and help desk support. Take a comprehensive look at the people, process and technology needed to support a B2B Supply Chain Program. Read Now.

How Using B2B Outsourcing Delivers Measurable ROI

B2B Integration ResearchThe Stanford Global Supply Chain Management Forum delivers measurable ROI in support of B2B outsourcing. This study discusses how B2B outsourcing can improve business performance, business partner satisfaction and B2B capabilities. As a leading research institute in the area of global supply chain management, Stanford’s Forum seeks to identify, document, research, develop and disseminate best practice as well as new innovations. Read Now.

Focus on Agile Supply Chains for International Expansion

Focus on Agile Supply Chains for International Expansion

Examine the opportunities and challenges of international expansion for UK retailers and brands that are operating in increasingly sluggish domestic markets. To perform strongly in their own markets as well as across borders, the focus is on operating agile supply chains to service their global business. The report by Fieldworks Connections was developed for and sponsored by GXS.

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