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New B2B Benchmark Study Reveals Importance of EDI to the Supply Chain

EDI: Workhorse of the Value Chain; A Closer Look at B2B Connectivity Benchmarks in the Extended Supply Chain.

EDI: Workhorse of the Value Chain

“In this study, we find that when companies successfully use EDI, there are REAL and meaningful business results. For example, when companies can achieve hands-free orders, order-to-shipment cycles decrease by 50%, there is greater accuracy in fulfillment, and business relationships improve.”

As technology has evolved, the road to automate the extended supply chain and improve connectivity has taken several twists and turns. Technologies like XML, portals, trading exchanges, and business networks have grown more advanced, making many believe that EDI is obsolete. This could not be further from the truth.

EDI Emerges as “Workhorse of the Industry” for Improving Supply Chain Performance
Supply Chain Insights recently concluded an independent research study that surveyed individuals currently using EDI/XML, who were also knowledgeable of B2B connectivity in procurement, logistics, and finance operations. Findings from this report reveal how EDI processes provide a higher level of supply chain performance with significant benefits for both the order-to-cash and the procure-to-pay processes.

Read the report to discover what respondents considered the major benefits of EDI and XML, the associated costs compared to alternative options, and the opportunities and barriers for greater adoption. This report features:

  • How sales or purchase orders are exchanged, including the costs and challenges
  • The impact of EDI/XML technology on order processing, supply chain performance
  • The adoption of ASN and serialized barcodes or RFID tags
  • Supply Chain Organization: presence, functions reporting, leadership

Regardless of your current level of EDI adoption, this report will provide you with hard facts and actionable insights for using EDI and XML in B2B e-commerce and help you evaluate the effectiveness of your organization’s existing EDI programs.

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