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To compete effectively, you need to stay on top of many business and technology-driven B2B integration issues. You will find OpenText GXS webinars a great source of information and inspiration you can use right now and as you plan to meet future challenges in your organisation. The on-demand sessions below include industry experts who share future-looking trends as well as how-to implementation guides; experiences of those who have successfully tackled issues you may be facing now that are presented by the customers themselves; and some solid, basic educational webinars to get you started with your B2B integration. Sessions are categorized by topic and industry:

B2B Outsourcing

How ERP Projects Benefit from Integration to B2B Networks

Discover the benefits of integrating B2B and back-office – educational on-demand webinar with Stefan Ried of Forrester.

How Cloud B2B Integration Enables Michelin’s International Operations

Michelin is a perfect example of a company that needs to support its customers all around the world. The dynamic nature of the automotive industry and the significant growth opportunities in emerging markets presents a significant challenge to companies like Michelin. In this webinar Michelin will discuss the unique business challenges they face and how they have achieved the flexibility and scalability required to support their global operations.

Key Findings From Stanford Research on the Business Value & Adoption Trends for B2B Integration

Stanford University’s Global Supply Chain Management Forum concluded an independent research study on the business drivers and use of B2B integration and e-commerce solutions at companies of different sizes, across various industries around the globe. During this 30-minute webinar, lead researcher, Dr. Barchi Gillai, will discuss the key findings from the report: “B2B Integration: Business Value and Adoption Trends”.

Key Findings From Stanford Research on the Business Value & Adoption Trends for B2B Managed Services

During this 25-minute webinar, lead researcher, Dr. Barchi Gillai, will discuss the key findings from the report: “B2B Managed Services: Business Value and Adoption Trends”. Key metrics from the study, along with a corresponding analysis, will be presented to help you gain valuable insights for planning and managing your evolving B2B integration programmes.


Two Key Reasons You Cannot Ignore E-invoicing

Learn the two key motivators that are compelling organizations to initiate electronic invoicing projects. Enterprises achieve operational efficiencies by automating and integrating invoicing process, leading to cost reduction and later financial optimization. Meanwhile achieving compliance is gaining importance with new government regulations and news of multi-million dollar penalties. Watch this webinar to hear our solution experts discuss the latest trends in e-Invoicing . You will learn why more and more enterprises are moving to electronic invoicing and see examples of the benefits they have realized.

Building B2B Communities

How OpenText Active Community Enhances Community Management Strategies

Community management is becoming an increasingly important strategic initiative, which many businesses do not know how to address. Businesses today potentially have to work with a globally diverse group of trading partners and it is therefore important that processes can be put in place to improve day to day communications with a trading partner community. This webinar discusses: why companies need to improve community management processes, how it helps to strengthen compliance processes, an overview of OpenText Active Community, Supplier Registration and Information Management, and, how companies in different industries are using OpenText Active Community.

How Will the Dodd-Frank Conflict Minerals Rule Impact Your Supply Chain?

Companies are undertaking information governance initiatives to adhere to numerous regulatory compliance rulings introduced by governments around the world. One such initiative is the Dodd-Frank Conflict Minerals Rule. This webinar will: provide an overview of how the new rule is being introduced, review how different industries are preparing for the reporting process, describe how to implement an assessment process to identify conflict minerals usage across a supply chain, and, explain how community management tools can help with the reporting process.

How Tesco Uses the Cloud to Work With its Suppliers

Tesco, the third largest retailer globally, is leveraging the OpenText Cloud to enable improved purchasing practices and as a result has reduced the time to set up and approve new suppliers by 66%. Hear about Tesco’s experience in standardising global procurement, how Cloud-based community management streamlines business-to-business (B2B) processes and accelerates time to market for companies like Tesco. This webinar is essential viewing for any company looking for ways to improve supplier, vendor, distributor, partner or customer compliance and information management processes.

OpenText Intelligent Web Forms (IWF)

During this 30-minute webinar you will learn about the options you have to maximise the efficiency of your supply chain by B2B-enabling your domestic and global small and mid-sized suppliers and customers. Use cases across industries are presented as well as examples from current customers. A demo of two scenarios for using Intelligent Web Forms to send and receive documents is included.

Enable Your Excel-Based Trading Partners

Learn how you can exchange critical business documents electronically throughout the world by leveraging Microsoft Excel.

EDI and B2B Integration

Roadmap for Improving Your Integration Strategy: The 7 Things You Must Know (and Do!)

In this exclusive 45-minute webinar, Gartner Research VP, Benoit Lheureux discusses the potential impact that these innovative and disruptive technologies will have on your organisation’s B2B integration strategy. He provides a strategic roadmap that outlines the seven things you need to know (and do) to ready your business and technology strategies in order to operate successfully in this new and dynamic landscape.

Call to Action: Upgrading and Modernising Your B2B Integration Strategy

Many IT organisations today are feeling the tension of contending with an aging, legacy B2B infrastructure—along with insufficient B2B integration solutions and process analytics—that simply do not support IT innovation, new business mandates and e-commerce requirements. In this exclusive one hour webinar, Gartner Research VP Benoit Lheureux discusses the key B2B integration challenges and business trends that are driving CIOs, IT leaders and technical professionals to modernise B2B environments.

AS2—What are my Implementation Options

This webinar provides an overview of AS2 implementation challenges and the right approach for your company featuring OpenText GXS thought leaders John Radko, Chief Technology Strategist and Bob Heidish, Global Product Manager.

How B2B Completes ERP

ERP systems rely on information from various sources, including external business partners. This information often needs to be shared with external trading partners, so integrating with a B2B platform helps to “complete” your ERP system, connecting you to external trading partners. This thirty minute webinar explores the business benefits and technical implications you can expect from a managed services approach to B2B integration with your ERP environments.

Supply Chain

Gain Total Supply Chain Visibility with OpenText Active Orders

Gaining visibility across your extended supply chain is not just a ‘nice-to-have’. It is a ‘must-have’ business imperative to compete in today’s fast-paced economy. Keep customers happy and improve supply chain performance through faster identification of order-related problems and ongoing monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs). Using an exception-based structure, OpenText™ Active Orders highlights potential supply chain issues before they impact your bottom line.
Click here to view the webinar.

6 Steps for a Complete Deduction Management Process

This presentation built for retailers discusses steps towards increasing the accuracy and efficiency of your chargebacks while driving better vendor compliance and collaboration. In this 30-minute on-demand webinar you can gather insight on best practices gathered from our retail customers and identify any gaps you may have with your current deduction management processes.

B2B Analytics – Unlock the Value of Data in Your Supply Chain

Analytics has been at the top of the CIO’s technology agenda for some time. With major advances in data analytics technology becoming more available, companies are recognizing that the ability to acquire business data and quickly analyze it enabling them to make better, faster business decisions. This 30 minute webinar discusses how you can use analytics to unlock the value in your business-to-business (B2B) data, specifically to improve your B2B processes.

New Channels = New B2B Challenges: Connecting With Consumers in an Omnichannel World – Part One & Two

Existing sales channels are evolving while new channels are emerging. Learn from the latest trends and best practices in retail, regardless of what industry you are in, and maximise the opportunity to grow your business in challenging economic times. During this webinar your will understand more about how consumer trends are impacting your B2B supply chain networks and programmes, and some of the creative ways in which your company can respond.

Operational Intelligence in B2B: What is it and why you Need it

View this webinar and find out what B2B operational intelligence could do for your business. Learn how it can help prevent errors before they impact you as well as proactively tracking transactions and processes against your business rules while they are still “in-flight”.

Adapt to Survive Supply Chain Disruptions

We are in an increasingly disruptive supply chain environment, with natural disasters and social and economic change potentially impacting the profitability and customer satisfaction in any company. Every company needs to have a plan to alleviate any impact in their business. This forty five minute webinar will outline key areas that you need to review and some practical steps to improve on your current situation. Examples of companies who are already increasing resilience in their operations to reduce the impact of disruptive forces across their supply chains will be referenced during the webinar.

Enhancing Customer-Centric Supply Chains

SCM World and Martin Christopher, Emeritus Professor of Marketing and Logistics at Cranfield School of Management, conducted a global survey of 819 cross-industry senior executives to gain an understanding of how organisations are exploiting the opportunities for collaborative working through adopting B2B e-commerce solutions. View this webinar, led by Martin Christopher, to hear the results of this very significant survey along with his analysis.

Improve Warehouse Automation Success With ASNs and Data Quality Management – Featuring Macy’s

View this webinar if your company is introducing ASN’s, starting a new warehouse/distribution centre automation project or simply looking to get more benefit from your existing warehouse automation initiatives.The webinar examines the return on investment realised with enhanced levels of warehouse and/or distribution centre automation, illustrated with recent third-party research results.

Beyond the Basics—Advance Ship Notice Best Practices

Discover how to understand the real value behind the ASN for both the supplier and the retailer—improved receiving, distribution capabilities, cost reduction, and accurate auditing.

Corporate-to-Bank Connectivity

Clear out the Clutter – Modernise Your International Payment Communications

Join Dr. Leo Lipis for this hour long, recorded webinar to learn why, as international business speeds up, the need for streamlined payment solutions is more important than ever. This webinar discusses multi-platform, cross-channel corporate to business communication platforms such as EBICS and the use of SWIFT CGI messaging standards for corporate-to-bank communications.

Compliance in the Cloud: Raising the bar in Financial Services

Straight-through processing is a fact of life in Financial Services. Whether in transaction banking, consumer lending, corporate finance, or internal functions, the need for data integration and reliability is critical to competing successfully. Meanwhile, global regulators are taking a deeper look at operational risk and its consequences, resulting in higher capital requirements.

How to Improve Transaction Banking Time-to-Revenue With Client Lifecycle Management

Commercial banking clients look to their financial institutions for innovative, easy-to-use, and convenient treasury management solutions. In delivering client-facing solutions, financial institutions must balance customer satisfaction with cost-effective servicing and this means overcoming a number of client delivery challenges. This webinar discusses best practices for meeting these objectives.

SWIFT and Corporate—Partnering to Grow

Discover how this service creates the world’s largest “B2Bank” business network by establishing interoperability between the largest networks for financial transactions and B2B e-commerce across all continents, giving companies a single way to connect with banks, suppliers and customers. In this webinar, Matt Monaco, SWIFT and Mark Mixter, OpenText, discuss what this means for you and your company and address questions about corporates’ adoption of SWIFT, it’s value proposition, and how you can take advantage of SWIFT in your organisation.

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